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About flyloops.net

flyloops.net has been on the local fly fishing scene here in Southern Africa since 2001.

It has always been a community focused website and urges all those who are fly fishing addicted to share their stories, fishing reports, photos and anything else which makes this sport the best thing since sliced bread.

flyloops.net has been developed from scratch by Craig Stockden. As you might have guessed, Craig is involved in IT during his daily grind and is a complete nutter when it comes to all things fly. Often heading out with flyrod in hand whenever the opportunity arises.

Pieter Snyders joined flyloops.net as co-owner in the capacity as Content Editor. Pieter specialises in Mapping as part of his daily grind. He is quite possibly the most addicted fly fisher there is. He is either seen at his fly tying vice or by a rivers edge most weekends.

flyloops.net has recently undergone a big change and our overall objective is to carry on ecouraging the community to share as much information as possible as we did right back in the day when we first started out.

If you would like to contact us, feel free by clicking here
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