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Saving The Sand Sharks Reputation
Sand Sharks are extremely tricky to catch and are great fighters, however their reputation suggests otherwise.

By: feathers_and_fluoro 02/09/14
Under: Saltwater Flyfishing 1 comment
Casting Heavy Flies
How exactly do you go about casting heavy flies?

By: feathers_and_fluoro 02/09/14
Under: Flyfishing Tutorials
Dogs and Fly Fishing
I might have just been lucky but I can’t remember a dog that was a nuisance around a fly stream.

By: Tom_Sutcliffe 02/09/14
Under: Miscellaneous 3 comments

2nd September 2014

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PB Brown for me :)
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Small cat
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Saving The Sand Sharks Reputat...
Added by: feathers_and_fluoro
1 comment

Dogs and Fly Fishing
Added by: Tom_Sutcliffe

rivendell trout
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Rainbow Cockfish
Originator: CFR
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Hunting Gold
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PB Brown for me :)
Originator: Svdm
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Saving The Sand Sharks Reputat...
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Small cat
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Tilietudlem Midlands
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Kraai info required
Originator: Redeyedamsel
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Nature's Valley
Originator: Limpopo
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