16 things only fly fishers will understand


As a highly addicted bunch of individuals, its not surprising that there are a few things which are common amongst all of us who dream about throwing flies at fish.

In no particular order, herewith things which only fly fishers can relate to:

  • Your first fish on fly. No matter what fish, fly or age almost all of us can remember that first fish we caught on fly. That surge of adrenaline when you saw your fly line disappear in to the depths for the first time - welcome to the addiction.

  • Thawing out in front of a fire. After a long day wading/float-tubing or hiking, there is nothing more relaxing as being memorised by a fire at night recounting the days fishing in a sleepy haze.
  • Your first fly behind the vice. Inevitably, once the bug bites we all fall for the next addiction in line - fly tying. No matter how mangled your first attempt behind the vice is, we just cant stop feeling that pride of knowing that we just tied our first fly.

  • Following from point 3 - your first fish on your own tied fly...This is what its all about right? You made something which artificially imitated nature and enticed a fish to take it.

  • Pets become fly stores - any of you been caught out eyeing the family pet wondering what kind of dubbing might lie within your cat/dog's fur?

  • The lotto millionaire fly fishing dream. How many of you have put a fly fishing adventure as your top priority if you became an instant millionaire? A hot topic of conversation, especially when sitting in front of a fire after a day on the water.

  • The endless "last cast". No matter how many times you say "last cast", there is always that one fish that keeps on rising as you reel in...

  • The fly fishers marital blackmail. If you are in a relationship and your partner needs extra incentives to accompany you on a fly fishing trip (Spa day, flowers...)

  • Getting lost. When fishing a new bit of water, there is always a bigger fish around the corner. The problem comes in when you need to hike back to where you started but you have lost your bearings.

  • That one fly that just seems to work...No matter what you do, for some reason that one fly just seems to outfish all the rest - including the exact same pattern when the afore mentioned fly is retired.

  • The excitement of gearing up your set-up before hitting the water and the corresponding bipolar depression of rigging down at the end of a great trip.

  • Watching a flybox full of flies floating downstream moments after it popped out of your pocket never to be seen again...

  • The may fly hatch - with absolutely no match to be found in your fly box. No matter what you try the fish will not take your fly even though they will rise within millimetres of your fly.

  • That full-line cast (even with the wind behind you) with perfect presentation. Sometimes it all seems to fall into place.

  • Likewise, that day that tests you to your mental limits. Wind-knots, fly-hungry trees/bushes/rocks, tangled line and the constant inability to strike in time, or land the fish you keep hooking.

  • Finally, even after your worst day on the water - you wouldn't be anywhere else in the world.

Got any other things which only a fly fisher would understand? Feel free to comment below...

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