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As a long-time flyfisher (over 20 years at last count…),it’s natural to fall into your own way of doing things.

Most flyfishers either go about learning the skills of the trade in either the most efficient way, or the more laborious route of trial and error.  Back in the day, call it impatience or sheer enthusiasm, I spent a large amount of my time picking up tricks and tips from fellow angers or titbits from various magazines.

Nowadays, when I look back, there was never as much information available as today for a budding flyfisher. The best way was to either become friendly with a local expert behind the flyshop counter or to find a guide, hire him and learn as much as you could while he crammed as much information as possible into your allotted time.


Paul Curtis and Jonathan Boultons (of Mavungana Flyfishing) book “South African Fly Fishing Clinic” has filled a very important gap in the flyfishing sector. It is not only exceptionally easy to read, but very easy to put the knowledge presented into immediate use. The diagrams are precise, with limited technical reference – perfect for the beginner and even better for the more experienced looking for a quick refresher on a certain topic.

The book takes the role as an expert giving you a one-on-one lesson, giving you the most important information as you go through the most common scenarios. Most of which have become second nature for many experienced flyfishers, which become overlooked when tutoring a new recruit.

In my personal opinion, nothing beats the real-deal of getting out there and learning by trial and error, but with this book in hand you will be sure to halve your learning curve – with confidence.

If you are a beginner, or just want to ensure that your technique is up to scratch…get this book and read it! … It will quickly become your go-to point of reference when things might go awry next time you are out casting a fly.

Available at most book stores, selected flyshops and online.

Published by Platanna Press (



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