24 Flies That Work



Curtis and Boulton (of Mavungana Flyfishing) are well known for their “Clinic” books, providing basic, yet essential grounding in flyfishing technique for Yellowfish, Trout and Saltwater species.  We recently received the pocket-sized book (more accurately described as a pamphlet): “24 Flies that work”, by the same authors.

This small read is a compilation of 24 flies which the authors have personally reviewed and presented as the top performers, which should be present in every anglers flybox.

Based on Jonathan Boultons extensive experience as a well-known guide and flyshop owner, this compilation of 24 flies should not be taken lightly. The vast majority of flies presented are commonly known and have been key to successful catches around Southern Africa (for trout and yellowfish).

What makes this a compelling read is the reasoning behind their choices, backed by a solid description on the flies, their imitative properties, how to fish them and when.

It‘s very obvious that the authors sat down and had a lengthy thought about the inclusions to this book. A very well presented book, which is a welcome addition to a flyfishers tackle bag when requiring a burst of inspiration when the fish just don’t seem to be biting!

Published by Platanna Press (www.platanapress.co.za)



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South Africa

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