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So, you have decided to take your flyfishing to the next level and want to explore the saltwater with fly rod in hand.

Speaking from experience, coming from a solid freshwater background and attempting to cast a fly in the sea, is not a simple “cross-over” exercise. It requires new thought patterns, different techniques and expanding known mindsets to a whole new level.

There are so many sources of information, online, magazines and TV shows, all showing huge fish being caught “with ease” on fly. It is easy to get swept up and to dive straight into this aspect of flyfishing only to return home fishless with a hint of desperation.

Following on from Curtis and Boultons How To series, this book attempts to break down the art of flyfishing in the salt to a manageable, easy-to-digest format. Showing the reader all of the essentials, creating a solid foundation to ensure that your trip is not wasted on unnecessary frustrations which can be minimized with a solid theoretical mindset.

All aspects, including species, essential knots and technique are covered giving the reader a feeling of confidence that his/her outing will not be wasted on second-guesses.

This book is by no means the final say in the intricacies surrounding flyfishing in the salt but it is something which can give the beginner (or casual) saltwater flyfisher a very solid grounding, which can be repeatedly used as reference throughout your time casting in the salt.

I would consider this to be your first go to book when looking for advice. It is not a long read, but rather a solid to-the-point publication that definitely deserves a spot in your armoury next time you consider a trip to the sea with flyrod in hand.

Available at most book stores, selected flyshops and online.

Published by Platanna Press (



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