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I can distinctly remember my first Yellowfish flyfishing trip to the Vaal River. Full of expectation, yet very naïve in the tactics that should be applied. I had a very vague understanding of the flies that would work, the concept of Czech nymphing and little if no comprehension of the unique habits surrounding Yellowfish.

Back then, it was a case of trial and error – little information was available and for the most part your best source of information was from fellow anglers who might just throw a titbit your way.

Yellowfish flyfishing has rapidly become one of the most popular branches of our sport and as a result more and more recruits are heading out to give it a try. It is for this reason that “Yellowfish Fly Fishing Clinic” by Curtis and Boulton has become an almost immediate hit.

The book is very focused in nature, cutting away at all the confusion one often finds in any technical pursuit and lays down the framework for any novice or experienced flyfisher. It covers all aspects required to get out there and lay your hands on a piece of Vaal Gold.

Being a long-time Yellowfish convert I found the book to be very refreshing in its approach. It is by no means an advanced manuscript, but rather a light read – one which can act as a very valuable point of reference for anyone at any stage. It covers knots, gear, tactics and a whole range of other items which more often than not the beginner would find exceptionally handy.

In my honest opinion, if I had this book in hand prior to my first day on the Vaal River I am confident that instead of a drawn out, rather frustrating learning curve over a full season, I could have cut down on the unnecessary fiddling and fumbling and caught my first Vaal fish far quicker.

This book is an absolute must for ANY Yellowfish flyfisher, regardless of experience, even more so for the beginner. It is a little book of profound knowledge, something which I would have no hesitation in referring to anyone who is just starting out in the pursuit of our most amazing indigenous species.


Available at most book stores, selected flyshops and online.

Published by Platanna Press (


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